Origin of Turbo Codes

Punya Thitimajshima (9 November 1955 – 9 May 2006), a Thai professor in the department of telecommunications engineering at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology at Ladkrabang, was the co-inventor with Claude Berrou and Alain Glavieux of a groundbreaking coding scheme called turbo codes [1].

Turbo codes are used in 3G/4G mobile communications (e.g., in UMTS and LTE) and in (deep space) satellite communications as well as other applications where designers seek to achieve reliable information transfer over bandwidth- or latency-constrained communication links in the presence of data-corrupting noise [2].

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Sensing Qualities of Fruits

Prof. Monai Krairiksh pioneered in developing a radar for fruit classification. He proposed the use of measured back scattered wave from a fruit to evaluate natural frequency. The immature fruits have different dielectric properties from mature fruits and the magnitude of scattered wave are different. This is essential to the pre-harvest of durian fruits which produce the highest revenue to the exporters. By the way, this technique can be applied to other fruits [1].

Prof. Monai Krairiksh is currently a Professor at the Department of Telecommunication Engineering. He served as a distinguished lecturer of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society during 2012-2014 and an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation during 2014-2019.

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