1. Antenna and Electromagnetic Application Research Lab.
    (Room T-105)
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) and Networking Research Lab.
    (Room T-108)
  3. Communication Circuit Theory Research Lab.
    (Room T-109)
  4. Cyber Security Research Lab.
    (Room T-111)
  5. Integrated Circuits for Communication Research Lab.
    (Room T-112)
  6. Communication and Storage Research Lab.
    (Room T-113)
  7. Space & Atmospheric Communication and Informatics Lab.
    (Room T-113)
  8. Broadband Wireless Access Research Lab.
    (Room T-203)
  9. Digital Signal Processing System Design Research Lab.
    (Room T-217)
  10. Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication System Research Centre
    (Room T-310)